Introducing CyberAid+ from Brookfield Donovan - what we consider to be the most innovative Cyber insurance product for UK businesses available in today's marketplace!


UK SMEs were targeted by cyber criminals approximately 230,000 times each in the last 12-months?

UK Brokers – Brookfield Donovan have an exclusive distribution agreement with Lloyd’s Wholesale Broker THB UK Risk Solutions and CyberAid+ is available to THB supporting brokers via a bespoke “Quote and Buy” transactional website located at: – brokers should register on the system and will be supplied with a unique log-in and PIN number which will allow immediate quotation and binding of CyberAid+!

WE DON'T ONLY OFFER YOU JUST INSURANCE - we have designed a bespoke package that will insure your business and also help your cyber security PLUS provide Cyber education and support as well as preparing you for the impending GDPR regulations! We believe we have now developed the TOTAL CYBER SOLUTION - exclusively for our clients! Our CyberAid+ product has been designed to work on 3 basic principles:

  • EDUCATION - become aware of the cyber environment and what general measures you can take as a business to protect yourself and your staff against attacks - as far as possible
  • MITIGATION - employ procedures that will make it more challenging for cyber criminals to attack your business
  • REMEDIATION - comprehensive insurance protection for when you need it most

You can select from 5 levels of cover, £25,000 / £50,000 or £100,000 (aggregate) PLUS £250,000 and £500,000 (with an additional and selectable Cyber Crime Limit up to £100,000) and cover is available to most UK businesses with a turnover up to £10,000,000 and includes all of the following as standard following a defined Cyber Event:

Computer System Damage and Loss of Business Income

  • Computer System Restoration - The cost of investigating, reconfiguring and rectifying any damage to your computer system and restoring and recreating your data
  • Computer Virus Removal - The cost of locating and removing a computer virus from your system
  • Professional Assistance - The cost of hiring professional consultants to make recommendations on how to prevent your computer system being infected by a computer virus or to prevent hacking
  • Business Income and Extra Costs - Loss of business income and extra costs to prevent or reduce the disruption to functions carried out by your computer system during the indemnity period

Cyber Crime

  • Fraud - Your financial loss as a result of fraudulent input, destruction or modification of data in your computer system which results in money being taken from your account, goods/services/property or financial benefit being transferred or any credit arrangement being made
  • Telephone Hacking - cover for your liability to your telephone service provider as a result of hacking into your computer system
  • Cyber Ransom - The cost of responding and, with Insurer agreement, paying any ransom demand if anyone has or is threatening to disrupt your computer system by introducing a virus or instigate a hacking or denial of service attack against you OR release/corrupt/publish your data

Data Breach Expense

Following the discovery of a failure to meet your data privacy obligations

  • Professional Assistance - the cost of hiring professional legal and forensic IT services to investigate and advise on your response
  • Notification Costs - The cost of informing affected parties, the data privacy regulator and any other required parties
  • Customer Support - the cost of providing support services to affected parties including credit file monitoring and ID Theft assistance plus the provision of a customer helpline
  • Public Relations - Any PR and Crisis management expenses for media, public and customer communication to minimise damage to brands, business and reputation

Cyber Liability

Including your Employees and Directors/Officers - damages and defence costs as a result of:

  • Data privacy - failure to secure or prevent unauthorised access/publication or use of your data and the payment of any fines or penalties if insurable by law
  • Computer Virus Transmission - The unintentional transmission of a computer virus/hacking or denial of service attack to a third party
  • Defamation and Disparagement - Loss of reputation or intellectual property rights being infringed as a result of email content, website content, online promotional marketing material or other data processed or distributed by your computer system

IN ADDITION, all CyberAid+ policyholders receive the following INCLUDED, FREE and DISCOUNTED BENEFITS:

  • INCLUDED -user licence (single endpoint) for Thoughthive's Managed Cyber Resilience Service Advanced including Malwarebytes Anti-malware - the most complete internet security package available in today's marketplace
  • FREE £200 online learning suite provided by Cardinus Risk Management covering the most common business risk management topics
  • FREE 24/7 HR Helpline provided by Avensure Ltd - essential support for employers
  • FREE 30-credits towards computer and cloud support provided by Beyond the Cloud Solutions
  • £75 DISCOUNT on the cost of the government-approved and recommended CYBER ESSENTIALS standard - we are the ONLY broker offering you a discount and obtaining this accreditation will demonstrate your cyber awareness to your trading partners and may give you a commercial advantage in today's marketplace! To access the official government CYBER ESSENTIALS website click HERE
  • Up to £100 DISCOUNT on the purchase of Sonicwall hardware to further protect your business

CyberAid+ from Brookfield Donovan is the most comprehensive cyber solution for most SMEs in today's marketplace and cover starts at a low price that makes this essential cover affordable for all!